We always try to make our products reusable and the Billionaire Box™ works with your own real money.
Instructions to reload the box:
  • After opening, remove the black money shooter from the gift box.
  • Carefully pull back flap and place up to 70 bills (Fake money included or USD only) inside the unit up against the wheel, making sure that the money is firmly pressed inside.
    *Note: When properly loaded, you should be able to see the money loaded through the exit slot on top of the black box.
  • Once your money is loaded, carefully place black money shooter back into your gift box being careful not to activate the trigger.
  • Once the money shooter is back in the gift box, close both top flaps until the trigger stops them from closing any further.
  • Carefully pull the trigger back just enough to close flaps fully but not enough to trigger the device.
  • Release trigger so it returns to the off position and secures the flaps.
    *Note: If the device triggers you can hold the flaps closed to stop the money from coming out.
And now your Billionaire Box™ is ready to be reused! 🙌