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Easter 2023
With Easter just around the corner this is the perfect time to start a new tradition with our line of Easter surprises. Ditch boring baskets with fun gifts that will surely surprise and delight!
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Gifts for Every-Bunny!
Billionaire Box
Billionaire Box™
A flurry of money shoots into the air! Great for birthdays, promotions, bachelorette/bachelor events, or to get any party started!
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Make it rain!
Explosion Box
Explosion Box
Our customizable collapsing “Explosion” Gift Box with our signature Flying Butterfly Surprise™️ option. Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, thank yous and so much more!
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Harry Potter Hogwarts Explosion Box
Officially Licensed
Harry Potter™
Inspired by the legacy of Hogwarts Castle, our Explosion Box gets a magical treatment with flying house crests, music, lights, and more. The perfect gift for witches, wizards, and Muggles!
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Wingardium Leviosa!
Big Party Box
Big Party box
This larger than life gift box comes with over 30 paper butterflies to create a fluttering whirlwind that is visually stunning. Paired with 12 Cookies & Creme Cake Shooters, perfect for sharing.
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Confetti Pop Box
Confetti pop box
Popping cubes launch a shower of confetti revealing a scrumptious cake inside. An amazing surprise sure to make anyone snort with laughter!
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Fun surprise
Kid's Prize Machine 🏆
Kid's Prize machine
Watch as they discover all the fun elements of this game box, revealing candy, confetti, and the mystery grand prize. Great for kids, toy lovers and anyone young at heart!
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Butterfly Experience™ Wedding Favor
Wedding butterfly experience
The perfect way to celebrate your big day with a bang! Butterflies for you and your guests to release together in a beautiful display. Ideal for send offs, bride and groom announcements, wedding favors and even invitations.
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Gender Reveal
Gender Reveal
A unique way to celebrate one of life's biggest moments. Over 30 pink or blue butterflies create a fluttering whirlwind that will make your reveal absolutely extraordinary!
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Hello Baby!
Spinning Music Stand
Spinning music stand
One of our beloved Explosion Box additions. The light up stand spins the cake while playing songs such as “Happy Birthday”, “Celebrate”, and “In Da Club”.
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Make them dance!
Large Cakes
Large cakes
Choose from a wide selection of traditional full sized cakes for any occasion delivered right to your door. Yum!
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