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Best Fathers Day Gift Ever 🤩


Got this for my dad for fathers day, he loved the 4 pictures of his me and my sisters in the sides. He loved that butterflies flew out of the box considering my nickname has to do with butterflies. And the cake was just as delicious, with even a free little candle! 10/10 Will order from here again!!

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My mother has dementia


My mother is very deep into her dementia so I felt she needed something to cheer her up. Well, I ended up getting a 3 for 1! I was on the phone when my parents opened the box. I have never heard my Father laugh so hard!! It was so heartwarming to hear my parent laugh so hard and for so long! When they talked about it later to family and their friends, the riotous laughing began again. Thank u so much SendaCake. I could never thank u enough! The three of us got a memorable gift that day!! 10+ rating!

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Love it!!!


My boyfriend loves it!!! He Love the box. He loves little bags of candy !!🍬. Perfect 🤩

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Awesome surprise


I got this for my son for his 21st Birthday! Which is today:) And the look on his face as his roommate was videotaping it was priceless:) he loved it!!!

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Free your own Butterflies


Our children bought for their Dad's "75th bday", he just loved the 🦋 s

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Happy 80th Birthday!


Fun product

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I love the box with the checkers for men. If it's them perfectly.

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Great fun!!


Unique!! Fun!! Pleasantly surprised!! Music is adorable!! Great for a male of any age!! Highly recommended!!!

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It’s so pretty

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What a cute surprise!


Our daughter just sent this to my husband for his 65th bday. We opened it up and were totally surprised when beautiful butterflies fluttered everywhere while the box began playing the Happy Birthday song! He really enjoyed his carrot cake as well. What a cute idea!

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1000 years to love you and 1000 more!


It Is absolutely wonderful and I want to Sample EVERYTHING!!! It's All Delish !

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