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Outstanding selection!!!


My sister was very pleased with the size, appearance and taste of the cake. It was delivered on the selected date and she was very impressed with the packaging.

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happy birthday, Stanley



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Happy birthday


Happy birthday sweetheart

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Brothers 60th Birthday


I wanted to send my brother something different and fun for his 60th Birthday . I couldnt be with him to celebrate his birthday and this was the perfect surprise gift! He loved it ! Thank you guys for helping me make his birthday fun and special!

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Love this!!! Best Gift ever!!


This has been a wonderful gift to send to people in 2020. Especially something to make someone happy!! Love this!!

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Happy 54 birthday. To my dear sister

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Very Disappointed Service


The cake did not deliver on the day requested, UPS claimed to try to deliver at the time but no one came to the door which my daughter was home the whole time. There was no knocked on the door nor did our dog barked! My daughter had to collect the cake the next day and it was ruined also it was inedible as it has turned bad. It was the most disappointing experience. When I sent email to them on 5 August, no reply from them at all. When called, there was noone to speak to. After sales service is terrible. I advise anyone who is thinking of using this service, to reconsider seriously!

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Lovely cake

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Bakery fresh condition on arrival


Sent the vanilla cake to my daughter for birthday...she said it was perfect...so if you can't be there ,send one of these lovely cakes....the packaging brought the cake in bakery fresh...well worth the money

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Happy Birthday!


Sent the cake to my twin granddaughters at college so they could share with their friends. I didn't get to try it, but the girls said it was delicious. I sent them a chocolate one last year that they loved so I figured I would try again.

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Loved it!!!!


I ordered this cake and it was delivered before my birthday and my family and myself loved it it was so delicious. I was so happy with this.

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I liked the cake itself


I liked the cake itself, very well protected in its box. The design is very pretty. The filling is good. The frosting left something to be desired but I liked the sprinkles. It was artfully created. I would try a different cake recipe and a different frosting recipe, if possible. The idea is a beautiful one because many people just cannot travel to a bakery for a birthday cake.

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Wonderful delicate taste!


The Vanilla Birthday Cake reminded me of the Cream Cakes and Tarts of my youth in my homeland of Germany...

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It's now a tradition!


I started ordering this cake several years ago when my daughter moved over 700 miles from home to go to graduate school. This year, I asked her fiance if I needed to order it or if he would get a cake. He replied that she looks forward to this cake every year!

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We sent a birthday cake to my brother-in-law for his 80th birthday. He's living hundreds of miles away; and the cake arrived on time and frozen. After letting it defrost we were told that the cake was delicious. So glad to hear that. Everyone enjoyed it and raved about it. Once again, very pleased by David's products. Thank you for making his day very special.

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Birthday cake


I ordered a birthday cake to be sent to my 83 yr old mother in NC. She was so surprised and said the cake tasted like it was baked the same day. So moist and so beautifully iced and decorated. Definitely win win!! 5 stars!

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Festive & delicious!


Birthday cake for 90yr old! Arrived as scheduled. Very nice. Enjoyed by all.

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Pretty good but chocolate is better


This was a good vanilla cake but I'm not a big fan of raspberry so maybe that's why I didn't like it as much as the chocolate birthday cake which I previously purchased for my son, we all raved about that one.

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Tastes really good


Was delivered right on time. It was fresh and tasted really good

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I hear it was great


Got this as a birthday gift for mother in law Arrived on time and she said it was great

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Great cake.


Very happy with the cake that I sent to friend. Customer service was exceptional.

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They love this cake


Purchased this cake last year and this year for a relative. They love this cake. It was delicious and packaged well and arrived on time.

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