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Pretty & Moist....serves at least 2 dozen!


The cake arrived frozen & in one piece.... defrosted in the bottom of the fridge for a couple of days & then took it out about an hour or so before serving. Was pre-cut into 14 slices, which I liked the idea of pre-cut, but to tell you the truth, the pieces were soo big there could of been 28! Pretty colors (yes, I know - food coloring & all but we're not eating this everyday!) & Very Moist. The icing was a lil too sweet for me but the rest of party had no problem with it. I prefer buttercream myself. Anyway, would order again.

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Wonderful Carrot Cake


This delicious carrot cake is also beautiful. My friends and I enjoyed every slice. It arrived frozen and in perfect condition. Thanks!

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Absolutely DELICIOUS !!!


This is without a doubt one of the finest Carrot Cakes I have ever tasted outside of homemade. I am impressed, with the care given in shipping the cake and the quality of the cake. Only thing missing was pineapple but no matter, it still was delicious I was a baker for many years before retiring and one of my specialties was Carrot cake and for a commercially produced Carrot Cake this one is outstanding and worth the purchase this purchase was made by my Lovely wife for my birthday since it is my favorite dessert and she was hard pressed to find a great cake at a reasonable price, Bingo! found one here. So if your looking for that perfect Carrot Cake look no further. We will be visiting Davids Cookies again and again BON APPETIT!!!

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absolutely beautiful, and scrumptiously delicious


Fresh, absolutely beautiful, and scrumptiously delicious!!!

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Good moist cake just not really a true carrot cake to me.


I loved the cake itself ,it was very tender and moist and the frosting was not too sweet however my only complaint it that it says it has nuts and raisins in it and there was not any at all which is why I cant give it 5 stars. I couldn't see the raisins or nuts nor could I taste them. I mean nuts are hard you can't mss nuts in baked goods if they are in there and I love raisins in my carrot cakes and I seen or tasted done also could not see the carrots in there or find any in the bits. I always use fresh grated carrots in my carrot cakes as my mother always did and those are also missing but despite the missing stuff it is moist and a good cake in general. Just wish it had the nuts and raisins and carrots in it hinge a true carrot cake. It's really just a spice cake.

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What a wonderful thing to have around.


Very tasty. I keep it handy in the freezer for company and special occasions. No getting fingers in the frosting any more. Just pull the slice out and peel off the paper. Very attractive, too.

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Best cake ever!!!!


I was amazed at the shipping package and that the cake wasn't the least bit dry tasting. I will be purchasing another cake just like it again in the near future!!

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Best carrot cake ever!!!!


Most delicious carrot cake. Arrived in perfect condition. Everyone loved it.

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