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Nice surprise


I sent one to my big strong son for his 26th birthday. He was startled and surprised. He LOVED it.

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Exploding Birthday Box


I've ordered gift exploding boxes from Send-a-Cake myself 4 times, but this time I received one as a gift for my 60th birthday... and I was completely underwhelmed. It was the balloon box with exploding confetti, which worked fine, though, way too many confetti; it took quite a while to completely clean up, and there was no way to shut off the digital, musical "Happy Birthday" insert - I had to bend it open and cut the wires before throwing out. Also, the lemon cake, which I would never have chosen for myself, had two completely soaked-through, sugared lemon rinds on top; granulated sugar covering the lemon-flavored top of the cake, and, apparently gluten-free, the cake itself tasted like cardboard...why I don't eat gluten free. My friend had good intentions, but she got me a box with way more clean up than I would have liked and a sugar-covered, citrus-topped, gluten-free cake that was truly unappetizing...took only one bite to be able to say I tasted it before throwing it in the trash. Now I have to wonder if the other types of cakes in my own 4 orders were any good or whether my friends and mother were just being nice when they said so.

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Butterflies box


I absolutely love your product. I was so surprised when the butterflies popped out of the box. The cake was decorated beautifully and was very moist

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sweet enjoyable surprises


cute ideas go a long waƴ, keep it simple.

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Great unique gift.


We try to do something out of the ordinary for out friend and his birthday. This was perfect. He and his family loved it!

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Para jose de yanay


Happy birthday mi amor 💓 te amo con todo mi corazon.

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What a Surprise!!!!!!


It was a simulated Surprise Birthday Party in a box!!!!!!!!

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The Big 10!


I ordered this Popbox for my son 10th birthday. Even though he guessed it was confetti in the box, when he opened it he still enjoyed it. It arrived on time and the cake was nice and moist. Much fun and cute!

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butterfly box



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I recently received this cake for my birthday. What a surprise!! I LOVED it!! Confetti and boxes exploded everywhere! Plus, the cake is DELICIOUS! Ordering one now for a friend.

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Super Cute


Ordered the Pop Box to celebrate my 81 year old father's birthday since I couldn't be with him. It arrived on the requested date and "exploded" as expected. He loved it!

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