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An Awesome Birthday Surprise!


Ordered this for my sister who lives in a different state than I do. Everything from the shipping to the product itself was perfection! She loved it and I would definitely order again!

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Nice surprise!!


My brother and sister in law sent it to me for my birthday. I had no idea what it was. Confetti came flying out of the box and then I saw the cake....made my day. Such a thoughtful gift.

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Caught by surprise!


This was an awesome surprise. My parents got me this gift, i was expecting a little toy, but when i opened it, i was bombarded with joy. I would buy it again. 10/10

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Gifted a Confetti PopBox


Sent this as a birthday gift. The recipient thought is was a thoughtful gift. No confetti popped up, though. There was a candle that unfolded. Cake was good and mostly fresh.

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totally made her day


Sent one to my sister after her latest surgery. She was feeling down and this totally made her day...and mine. LoL. Think I could hear her squeals of joy from 4 hours away. Thank you SO much for helping get my sister to smile

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Looks like a wonderful gift!

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