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I this in Georgia and my daughter and her family are temporarily living at a family cabin in Lakeview Idaho. The only way into Lakeview is by dirt road or by boat across the lake! The mail comes on a mail boat every morning & the villagers meet at the dock to pick-up their mail. Rarely, does anything make it their on time, let alone in ONE PIECE!!!! However, this cake made it on time , fresh, and absolutely delicious!

By TJ Blanding65 on Oct 16, 2018

I ordered the blueberry cake because I didn't have time to bake one for my brother's birthday dinner that I was hosting. It was baked fresh 2 days before shipping on a Wednesday with tracking provided and arrived in time for my dinner party on a Friday night.It came in a styro cooler with all dry ice melted but the cake was somewhat frozen and in good shape for 2 hours on the counter to come to room temperature before serving.A great price for a nice big cake delivered to the door from NY to LA.I thought it might need a fresh blueberry sauce so I made that to serve with but it wasn't needed.

By Leslie Macchiarella on Oct 14, 2017

Thank you for delivering a beautiful, (and apparently) delicious birthday cake right on time! You provided the perfect product to help us send our love from Pennsylvania to my "snow bird" mother in law who is vacationing in Florida! She sent a photo of the cake and there was not one piece of icing it off place! I can't always get that service from our local bakery! Everyone who enjoyed the cake said that it was most, delicious and beautiful. Perfect! Thank you! Don't hesitate to order this product.

By P on Feb 18, 2018

We bought a cake for our sons birthday who lives in another state and it got there on his birthday. He said it was packed very well and delicious. He sent a picture and the cake really looked good.

By Cynthia French on Mar 04, 2016

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