Our business is not only to sell delicious cakes but we like to say we're in the business of making lasting memories. We are honored to be a part of our customer's special moments and to thank them we strive to make everything as easy and smooth as possible. Our motto has always been to leave the world a little sweeter than we found it.
Contact Us
Our products are shipped from our offices in Seattle, Washington.
Please see our FAQ page for any questions or contact us by emailing hello@sendacake.com.
Our primary mode of support is via email. Please don’t think this means we don’t want to speak to you — quite the opposite, actually! During this time of incredibly high inquiries we’ve found we can give our highest quality of support when we focus our efforts on email which allows us to provide useful links and screenshots to quickly answer your questions."
Our story
James Siew is the founder and President of Send a Cake. He grew up in the kitchen at a young age with his mom cooking and baking for many parties and events. He recalls having to peel mounds of ice-cold shrimp and measuring out baking ingredients, basically doing the prep and grunt work but absolutely loved it. In adulthood he worked standard office jobs for years but spent all his free time baking custom cakes for clients after work and on weekends, until friends urged him to pursue his true passion. Send a Cake was founded not only as a way to send cakes but to truly send top quality products and experiences in great packaging. Even to this day James is a part of company tasks from making cakes, packing orders and responding to customer e-mails, he insists on being a part of the whole process to ensure that not only the recipient has a great experience but also the giver.